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31 March 2009

A few weeks in...

Saw - The Ride has been open for nearly a month and thousands have braved the ride by now. Advertising campaigns have been popping up on Radio and TV.
Click here to watch the full TV Advert. Also you can look on my favorites on my You Tube channel to watch many clips of SAW, related videos from the web. SAW has had a few problems running after its opening. Make sure you check the Rides Currently Unavailable list to make sure it’s not closed on the day your will be visiting. Some great news this week, the park have added a new Single Rider queue to the ride, so for people who visit the park alone (like me) or just want to skip the long queue just join the short SRQ line.

Treat yourself to some spectacular images from various sites:

Pictures from TPM.
Pictures from TPG.
Pictures from FW.
Pictures from TTP.

15 March 2009

SAW’S Opening Day!!

Sorry I have not been updating this blog recently as I have had trouble with the computer.
SAW – The Ride has not been running properly since it opened. On Thursday, for the coaster enthusiast event the ride was shut all day as something was wrong with the air gates. The next day, Friday, the ride was running fine all day for the annul pass and winners of the competition event. Saturday was the official opening day for the ride and the day I went. I have never seen so many people waiting at the park’s gate by 9:30 ready to sprint to the ride. When the park opened at 10 everybody ran to SAW.
I was one of the first in the queue line and after 20 long minutes of continuous testing the ride was officially open to the public.
And hey was I impressed!!! The themeing was amazing. I’ll try not to spoil it for you who have not been yet. But I can tell you there were gruesome torcher devices everywhere and lots of other scary stuff to make you feel like you’re a part of the game. Going inside the building you are greeted by blood splattered around the walls and two shotguns aiming towards you going off every so often. The guns scared me s**tless. Lots of sounds everywhere such as, Billy puppet laughing and talking on a TV screen and screams and loud clangs and various other scary stuff going on. Going up the stairs the fast trackers got mixed with the ordinary Q line in little groups and the staff warning you “don’t look up” as there were lot of dead bodied floating in the air. After that you enter the loading platform.
A good tip, two cars leave at the same time, and for safety reasons the second car has to stop for a bit before the ride continues. If you are in the second car you get a little pre show of Billy on his tricycle talking to you about what you are about to embark. Luckily I got on the front row of the second car.
The staff put their thumbs down instead of up when you get sent off. After the talk by Billy you move into complete darkness and then suddenly some blades come churning towards you.
Immediately the ride drops at an extreme angle and make you really jump out of your seat. Impressive for such a small drop. After a sharp corner to the left you go through a room, not really sure what was in it, looked like some axis trimming above your head with some gusts of strong wind blowing into your face (made my lips go dry). After that you head into the barrel roll with some sort of dead body spraying some warm blood into your face as you’re traveling upside-down. Then you go zooming outside the station building just realizing that the main ride hasn’t started yet. Then Billy appears again on another screen saying “over” followed by an evil laugh and other clangs sounds when you look straight up the 100 foot climb. It goes so fast, no time to think of what you are about to embark on. Going over the top you get a glimpse of the park before you plummet straight down the amazing 100 degree drop. The head chopper effect really worked for me and made me duck or not sure if it was just me braising through the 55 MPH speeds. Skipping through most of the amazing ride elements as you have got to experience it for yourself. The best part of the ride for me was surprisingly the first drop, thought it was a bit better than the main drop, but they were both very thrilling. I also loved the amount of airtime on the ride such as the main air time hill and the drop just before the dive loop going off the MCBR. That to me was a more intense weightless feeing than the main air time hill. Both drops had a nice pop of airtime. And the dive loop was a great ending to the ride. Pulled a lot of forces and made me stick in to my seat. When the ride comes to an end and you collect your belongings Billy appears again saying “ you think it’s over, the games have only just begun”(most people missed it as they were so excited from the ride and were dying to see what they looked like on the ride picture).

Afterwards I rushed to buy a fast track ticket to skip the long wait, then I noticed the ride wasn’t running and people were leaving the queue line. The staff told us that the ride had some technical difficulties on its computer system. People were anxiously waiting to hear news and half an hour later it was confirmed that SAW would not be running again that day. It was soo disappointing after such a build-up and as today was the official opening of SAW. I was lucky to get on it once. Unfortunately the ride is still having problems today (Sunday) and not sure when it will be back in operation. Just have to keep an eye on the rides currently unavailable list on Thorpe Park’s main site.

In my opinion SAW – The Ride was superbly outstanding and definitely worth the 3 year wait. This coaster is better than anything else at the park by miles. The themeing on SAW was phenomenal definitely reaches up to Universal & Disney standard. You got to ride it to see for yourself how amazing SAW – the ride really is. I did not get as many pictures as I had hoped as the ride closed.
Click Here to see my Pictures from this Saturday, you can also click on an image to enlarge.

Click Here to see my Video from this Saturday

Also here’s many other links from Friday and Saturday:
Pictures from TPM.
Pictures from TUK.

Click Here to see all the videos of this week.

10 March 2009

SAW - The Ride on BBC News

Today I switched on the TV just in time to see SAW - The Ride on the 6 o'clock BBC News. Lucky managed to capture it all on my camera for the people who missed it or for those who wanted to see it again and again. The video shows riders having fun as well as the news reporter (some facts she said ain’t true).
Here’s the video from BBC breakfast news (videoed by Calum a You Tuber)
and Here’s the video I took from the evening news.
Also in the first video you can see a new poster saying “on Ride DVD for only £12”. When I get mine I'll post it on YouTube.
Edit: Extreme Spoiler! "Shy news" POV video and lots more.
""Another article with a few more spoilers of whats inside Click here.

09 March 2009

Thorpe’s new map, Competition finished, Construction update and more.

Today Thorpe Park released the new map for 2009 on their site and SAW looks good on it and definitely grabs your attention. The one of the first to Ride SAW competition is now ended so congratulations if you got the e-mail saying that you have won! Sadly I did not get one. Also today there’s three new pictures posted on the Thorpe Parks main site of random people I suppose, riding SAW. And on Thorpe Park Mania there’s an update of the site; Saw's head chopper blades were spinning , along with the police car's lights and the flickering entrance sign lights. I’ve been looking very closely at my pics from Saturday and if you look at this picture, it appears to be the onride photo camera, so prepare to say ‘cheese’ after going over the airtime hill. And another thing I spotted in this picture from around the queue line right at the back are bits of theming such as a wooden torcher device, what looks like a random police car door and some other various stuff. That’s pretty much it from today.
Hope you didn’t get too bored reading this.

07 March 2009

Construction update (one week to go)

Saturday 7th March 2009 – back to the park one last time for a construction update, as next visit will be opening day of the ride for the public. The site was very busy all day with worker and ride testing and polishing, getting ready for next week. More painting and signs around the place and extra themeing going on. The police car will hopefully be staying because of the siren sounds and flashing lights going on. The Colossus and Samurai queue lines have been extended. New paving is being laid from Samurai to SAW. (Spoiler) lots of sounds being played around the area such as the loud clangs, dog barking, police sirens, and “Billy” the evil puppet laughing just before you go up the lift. And much more sound you can just about hear on my videos.
See Pictures or Video, you can also click on an image to enlarge.

Next update from me will be on the main opening day this Saturday when this blog will be jam packed with news and maybe if you are lucky a POV (point of view).

ThemeUK - Pictures.
Thorpe Park Mania - Pictures.
Calum - Pictures 08/03/09

02 March 2009

SAW - The Ride Preview Event

THORPE PARK today released details of an Annual Pass day, giving annual pass holders an exclusive opportunity to face your fears on Saw - The Ride on Friday 13th March, before the official park opening on March 14th 2009. Along with Saw - The Ride, THORPE PARK will also be opening a selection of additional rides, including Colossus, Rush, Zodiac, Quantum and Vortex.
A £5 administration fee applies per Annual Pass Holder; this fee will be fully refunded when a Pass is renewed at the fantastic renewal rate. Your Pass expired?Pre-Booking is essential, so to guarantee your seat on Saw - The Ride, you must book in advance, Click Here for more information.

Unfortunately I cannot make the preview event, but will go to the park the next day.

01 March 2009

Triple construction updates

Sunday 1st March 2009 – Triple updates from around the web today, my friend Calum who went to Thorpe Park today and took more than 50 pics and a video, also some pictures from Thorpe Park Mania. And a 3rd update from ThemeUK.
The site is really comming along. Well so much has happened just from a week ago with all the bins and fake CCTV cameras. Speakers have now been added around the site, trees have been planted, SAW's main billboard and other various signs have been put up, same with the fencing. The SAW store is fully painted and completed as well as the huge netting underneath the Immelmann loop to protect guests from falling objects and so much more for you to see (I think I spotted a plasma screen above you just before you enter the lift hill on one of the pics, maybe of Jigsaw saying something to you /now Confirmed)
Thorpe park mania's - Pictures.
ThemeUK - Pictures and Video.
Calum's - Pictures and Video. (You can also click on an image to enlarge)
Edit: Thorpe park guide - Pictures.

23 February 2009

Construction update

Sunday 22nd February 2009 – A few pictures on Thorpe Park Mania from yesterday. Work continues with the fencing almost complete as well as the paving. More ride signs and barbed wire on top of the fences of the queue line put up and lots more stuff. The 9 meter Wind Mill and Main area sign should be up soon as fundation is being laid. On one signpost is a notice saying: 'Please be aware that there will be live actors in the queueline today' (very exciting).
Click Here for the Link!!, you can also click on an image to enlarge.

21 February 2009

Construction update

Saturday 21th February 2009 – It’s my third visit in a week and just three weeks till SAW’s opening day. Many workers on site today, most came in just for painting and the theming. Lots of work has happened today, with some finishes and touches added around the site. Some signs for the ride have been put up as well as the CCTV cameras (not sure if they were real or just the theming) and barb wire put up on top of fences on the queue line behind the station building. Fake windows have been installed to the building. Not much testing going on today but managed to get you one or two videos. My next visit will be in 2 weeks but you can still see updates from around the web on my blog.
See Pictures or Video, you can also click on an image to enlarge.

Edit: I also find these shots on this Site after I just left the park, more painting has happend and the fast track and main queue line signs have been put up!!.

19 February 2009

Saw: The Ride Info

Saw: The Ride has now been released on the Official Website and tells us a lot about the ride Click Here
to see the link. The ride at its fastest point reaches up to speeds of 89km/h (55mph) (Colossus 45 mph) (Nemesis Inferno 47.8 mph) so I think you can imagine the speed now. The Info also tells us that more than 1,100 passengers board the cars every hour, same as Nemesis Inferno, so the queue line will move at a nice rate. To experience SAW you must be a minimum height of 1.4m tall. And the ride it is not recommended if you’re under 12 (sorry kids) At least all the age related speculation has gone, no more arguing on the Forums. It’s all looking very good.
Edit: popping in to Thorpe tomorrow to get you another update.

18 February 2009

Construction update

Wednesday 18th February 2009 – Just got back from the Thorpe Park again to keep this blog running and captured lots more shots of the site this time.

See Pictures or Video. you can click on an image to enlarge

Much more progress since I last saw it four days ago with busy workers finishing the paving on the ground. Fences has started being put up, silver frames have been attached around the two huge industrial fans, as well as a big rusty pipe attached to the main building leading to the fake boiler tank, and some various other little bits and bobs. A little testing was going on. And just to confirm “Saw” The Ride’s opening day will be on the 14th of March. Next update from me should be in a week’s time.

14 February 2009

Construction updates (First day back)

It’s the first day back for the February Thrill Chill, and just one month till SAW opens as well as the park’s main start of the 2009 season. Saturday 14th February 2009 – The site has had some major progress since I last saw it. The cars were running most of the day but only took 2 videos of the cars going down the drop, and not as many pics of the site that I normally take as the Canada creek section and Colossus area was shut most off the day.
See Pictures or Video. (Got to have a photobucket account to view the pics sorry, but the video shows it all)

From what I saw the ride entrance frame was up. Lots of paving has been put down, and the island is getting island off and the bridge to it is starting to get
constructed as well as the 2nd path heading down to the Crust snacks bar. The head chopper effect has got even more spikes and more theming added on to it.

Someone from a fan forum confirms that the head chopper blades will be spinning on the ride’s main drop and also there will be a part of the ride’s queue that goes past a body that is bleeding and shoots out warm blood when guests walk past it, (Sounds very spooky) I guess only time can tell.

Here’s some other links from around the web from today:

Video, stealththorpe a youtube user

Video, clord0 a youtube user

Pictures, from Thorpe Park Mania

Pictures, from Thorpe Park Guide

Edit: 16/02/09 update from ThemeUK today: Picture plus a new video diary.


13 February 2009

Construction update tomorrow

This Saturday (14 February 2008) I'll be visiting the park for the first time this year, And will be taking plenty of pictures and videos of the site for you to enjoy. So make sure you stay tuned this Saturday evening. The pictures should be uploaded soon on Here.

Edit: 32 riders get on 'SAW' - the ride as the first couple to get married on a Ride in the UK: BBC news & Pics.

06 February 2009

Construction update

Friday 6th February 2009 - Update from Thorpe Park Blog (and in the snow) but this time just one picture, but this pic tells us a lot. You can see a very clear shot of the ride’s car design, the tracks in the distance and theming on the surrounding area. The pipes going everywhere as well as the chains at the top of the pre lift section just before entering the 100 foot lift.
^Remember click on the image to enlarge, or click on
[ view the full article ]

Many thanks to Thorpe Park main website.

04 February 2009

Construction update (On Site Snow Shots)

Wednesday 4th February 2009 – TPM has got another amazing update, this time an exclusive on site pictures and in the snow that we've had for the last couple of days. The seven new pictures give us a good glimpse of the site. The test seat has arrived, lots more progress has been made on the ride's Queue Lines as well as the theeming on the outside of the station and the head chopper effect. The water is now surrounding the island:
Click Here for the Link!!

and some other shots from the Park Covered in Snow.

Many thanks to Thorpe Park Mania.

30 January 2009

Construction update

Friday 30th January 2009 – SAW: The Ride testing is now in full swing, and TPM are very pleased to bring you pictures from that today! All the shots are of the cars running on its tracks
Click Here for the Link!!

I have to say the cars are looking really good, highly themed, with some rusted effect on its side and blood splatters as well, and I like how the cars are more open designed compared to the original Euro – Fighter. (But it’s a bit of a shame that the head rests arn't lowered, so you can get a better view from the back row) Rumors told that everytime a car goes down the first drop an alarm is played, Part of the theme perhaps?. Or just to warn the workers that the ride is testing so stay way back.

Many thanks to Thorpe Park Mania.

24 January 2009

Ride Testing

Saturday, 24th January 2009 - Thorpe Park Mania has some amazing first footage of Saw - The Ride testing.
Click Here To See The Video!!

The ride runs so smoothly and so fast, at least 50 mph. The noise sounds brilliant through the woods (well apart from that squeeking noise that they have to adjust) and the air time hill is just right as well as all the other elements, but I do think the last Inversion (Dive Loop) looks a bit too fast going over but when the MCBR (block brake's) get's adjusted they should be just the right speed for some bad ass hang time!! (Edid: The MCBR are now adjusted and the cars run much slower than in the testing video so you will definitely get some great hang time on the Dive Loop now :)

Many thanks to Thorpe Park Mania.

12 January 2009

Small construction update

Saturday, 11th January 2009 - TPG have got an update of the site showing the station building from all angles (except from front) from the outside of the park. Work continues on the interactive elements inside, audio and visual components, queue line. See some new pics of the shed you go through just before you enter the vertigo lift hill, with lots of pipes dangling down to create the theme atmosphere. It is bound to be more theming when complete.
Click Here For The Link!! (Scroll Down)

many thanks to Thorpe Park Guide.

09 January 2009

Construction update (Ride Trains)

Friday, 9th January 2009 - there is a new update on the developers diary with a sneak glimpse of the new trains
Click Here For The Link!!. As you can see in the images the cars will feature both the THORPE PARK logo and Saw - The ride logo, along with blood spats along the side, To see another pic Click Here.

Please note that SAW: the ride will open on the 14th of march which is it's opening day, come along!!

26 December 2008

Visit, NOW!!!!!

Hello! Sorry this has nothing to do with Saw: the ride, but for any water rocket enthusiasts please
visit TDF Water Rockets, TDF stands for: Tom, Daniel, Freddy, We are part of TDF water rockets team. It's a Blog that shows our progress on our new rocketing ideas, to learn more about our Water rockets or to see our updates, then please visit:

23 December 2008

Small construction update

Tuesday, 23rd December 2008 - Thorpe park mania are pleased to bring an early Christmas present for Thorpe Park fans, TPM latest update shows more of Saw's theming, part of the outside queue-line and how CCR re-construction has gone. Enjoy!
Click Here For The Link. (Please note text and pictures are from Thorpe Park Mania website)

12 December 2008

Construction update

Friday, 12th December 2008 - For the first time, Today THORPE PARK have shown us just a glimpse of just what we can expect from Saw - The Rides theming. The "Head Chopper" element which has recently been installed on the ride, which relates to the concept art released previously.

(Please note text is from Thorpe Park Mania website)

28 November 2008

Ride renderings

Latest from Thorpe Parks. Here we see renderings of Saw - The Ride's Station, and a Stairwell within the ride's building. As you can see, there has been huge attention paid to every detail for the themeing planned....
Remember click on the image to enlarge^, or click on
Click Here For The Link. (Please note text is from Thorpe Park Mania website)

19 November 2008

Construction update (On Site)

Wednesday, 19th November 2008 - In our latest on-site update you can see some unique shots of twisting turning track behind Samurai, along with shots from one of the brake runs!
Click Here For The Link. (Please note text and pictures are from Thorpe Park Mania website)

© Thorpe Park Mania 2008

08 November 2008

Construction update & Seasons End

Friday, 7th November 2008 - The building of the station continues, also the track for the Railway is now being laid at the rear of the ride.
Ride photography kiosk is being built.
Click Here For The Link.

This is the last update from of 2008 Seasons from the public, but we can expect some more updates from workers or people that are allowed to go in.

(Please note text and pictures are from ThemeUK website)
© Theme UK 2008

03 November 2008

Construction update

Monday, 3rd November 2008 - SAW: The Ride's huge station framework is now complete, only now are we able to see the huge scale of the rides Station Building. Work is now continuing on the Stations cladding work, along with electrical installations at the ride.
Click Here For The Link. (Please note text and pictures are from Thorpe Park Mania website)

© Thorpe Park Mania 2008

02 November 2008

October Poll Results

This past month I asked Could the 2009 Coaster be the best on Park? The results are in. 275 people voted.

70% Yes
22% Maybe
8% No
2% Other

Thanks for voting. This month's poll should be up shortly.
(The poll is on your right) →

23 October 2008

Construction update

Tuesday, 21st October 2008 - The building of the station continues, as rooms become apparant.
Click Here For The Link. (Please note text and pictures are from ThemeUK website)

© Theme UK 2008

19 October 2008

Construction update

Saturday, 18th October 2008 -A lot of the station building frame work has now been constructed as well as electrical systems. Work on themeing should commence soon.
Photos - Video.

© FreddyCoasterMan 2008

13 October 2008

Name & Website Released "SAW: The Ride"

Thorpe Park have announced via a Youtube video on their channel that the 2009 coaster codenamed ‘Dylan’ will be the world's first ever horror movie-themed rollercoaster. The ride is to be set to the theme of the ‘Saw’ horror movies and the park is boasting that the ride will be the scariest ride in the world. The ride will have its own dedicated website similar to the one which was run for Stealth’s construction.

The website, designed by, will contain a countdown timer which will confirm some peoples thoughts that the ride looks set to open on Friday 13th March 2009. The videos which have been released every 13th of the month for the past 4 months, look set to continue and will be available also on the dedicated website for the ride as well as the Youtube channel. There’s a ‘Blueprint for Torture’ section where there are some promotional images including a poster, edited plans of the ride with a few stats, and also a collection of fitting images such as a sawmill, torturing, blood and screaming people.
Let the games begin!!

12 October 2008

Construction update

Sunday, 12th October 2008 - A lot of the station building frame work has now been constructed as well as electrical systems. Work on themeing should commence soon.
See Photos - Video.

© FreddyCoasterMan 2008

11 October 2008

Construction update This Sunday

This Sunday (12 Oct.) I’m going to Thorpe Park for the day and will be taking lots of pictures and videos of the site. So make sure you stay tuned this Sunday evening.
(This depends on the weather)

09 October 2008

Construction update

Thursday, 9th October 2008 - Now work will focus on the rides electrical systems, as well as the station building, which a lot of the frame work has already been constructed. Many thanks to THORPE PARK for the update.
Click Here For The Link. (Please note text and pictures are from Thorpe Park Mania website)

© Thorpe Park 2008

07 October 2008

Construction update

Tuesday, October 7th 2008 - Over the last few days the ride's track has been completed. Photos show the pre-lift track including inline twist, tall lift and drop structure, Immelmann inversion, overbanked turn, airtime hill, block brake, dive loop inversion and final turn leading back to the station. Definitely looks like one of the more extreme Gerstlauer models! Work will now continue on the ride's electrics, enclosing the station, completing the foundations of the structure and initial theming.
Click Here For The Link. (Please note text and pictures are from Thorpe Park Guide website)

© Thorpe Park Guide 2008

06 October 2008

Construction update (Track Completion)

Monday, October 6th 2008 - The track is now complete, see the finished turn here first, as the ride track is now complete. Update now online below, with the best pictures possible of the turn and final turn into the brake run, looks stunning complete, some very tight corners too.
Click Here For The Link. (Please note text and pictures are from ThemeUK website)

© Theme UK 2008

05 October 2008

Construction update

Sunday, October 5th 2008 - Today was not the best weather but still got the regular update with over 100 Pictures for all you fan boys and girls. The site was fairly quiet today. The Immelman Turn was completed, as well as the Dive loop. Enjoy! See Photos - Video.

© FreddyCoasterMan 2008

04 October 2008

Construction update This Sunday

This Sunday (05 Oct.) I’m going to Thorpe Park for the day and will be taking lots of pictures and videos of the site. So make sure you stay tuned this Sunday evening. Click Here To See

03 October 2008

Construction update

Friday, October 3rd 2008 -As the ride dissapears around the back of Samurai, so much more track has been put up mainly out of site.
Click Here For Link. ^Scroll Down (Text and pictures are from ThemeUK)

© Theme UK 2008

02 October 2008

Construction update

Tuesday, October 2nd 2008 - Browsed the web and found these pictures taken today by Hurri
showing that a lot of construction has taken place. The ride is starting to look like Maverick at CP, it's low down to the ground so the ride will be more intense and will be faster as well. The airtime hill looks intense with that...
Sharp corner to the right. Click Here For The Link.

Thanks to Hurri

01 October 2008

September Poll Results

This past month I asked Will Thorpe park's 2009 Coaster be better than Alton Towers' Oblivion?? The results are in. 152 people voted.

Yes by miles: 74%
Maybe: 17%
No way: 8%
Other: 1%

Thanks for voting and the new poll should go up soon!.
(The poll is on your right) →

29 September 2008

Construction update

Monday, September 29th 2008 - The tight drop into the first turn around is complete, as construction dissapears around the back of Samurai. Station structure is also coming along, but also, the tower is done. Click below for link.
Click Here For The Link. (Please note text and pictures are from ThemeUK website)

© Theme UK 2008

Construction update

27th - 28th September 2008 - Many pictures of the 100 foot
drop from around the park. Station structure is now taking shape.
Click Here For The Link. (Please note the picture is from Fotowhizz website)

© Fotowhizz 2008

28 September 2008

Construction Video

Sunday, 28th September 2008 - Many shots of the
100 degree drop from around the park.
Click Here To See The Video.
Or head over to Clord0 Youtube Channel.

27 September 2008

Construction update (Tower Completion)

Saturday, 27th September 2008 - Today the most iconic part of Thorpes new thrill machine was completed, the beyond vertical drop. The final parts were lifted into place this afternoon, transforming Thorpes skyline once again. Click Here For The Link. (Please note text and pictures are from Thorpe Park Mania website)

© Thorpe Park Mania 2008

26 September 2008

Construction update (On Site)

Friday, 26th September 2008 - This time we see the progress on the main vertical lift hill and the 100 degree beyond vertical drop! Thanks to Thorpe Park for the photos shown on Thorpe Park Mania website.
Click Here For The Link. (Please note text and pictures are from Thorpe Park Mania website)

© Thorpe Park 2008

25 September 2008

Construction update

Thursday, 25th September 2008 - The construction is well underway as we apprach the end of September, second inversion and station structure now coming to life. The drop out fo the second inversion now nearly complete, station structure is also taking shape.
Click Here For The Link. (Please note text and pictures are from ThemeUK website)
© Theme UK 2008

Construction update (On Site)

Thursday, 25th September 2008 - As we can see, the loop is now completed, as well as half the lift hill tower. Thanks to Thorpe Park for the photos shown on Thorpe Park Mania website.

Click Here For The Link. (Please note text and pictures are from Thorpe Park Mania website)

© Thorpe Park Mania 2008

23 September 2008

Construction update

Tuesday, 23rd September 2008 - Frame work for the building is going up, the 2nd inversion is complete and the track from the 1st inversion leaving the building is under way.

Click Here For The Link. Many thanks to SilPho for the update.
(Please note the pictures is from SilPho a Thorpe Park Mania Member)

© Thorpe Park Mania 2008

22 September 2008

Construction update

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - The first dive loop (Immelman loop) in now in place, so the base of the drop is also complete. In addition, the turn around track back into the station, and the piece of track after the twist is also now in place.
Click Here For The Link. (Please note text and pictures are from ThemeUK website)

© Theme UK 2008

Got an update? Get in touch!

Remember if you Got an update, you can Get in touch!
If you've recently visited Thorpe Park and have some great construction photos of “SAW The Ride” I'd love to use them, so everyone else can see a bit of the action. Let me know by emailing me at