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19 February 2009

Saw: The Ride Info

Saw: The Ride has now been released on the Official Website and tells us a lot about the ride Click Here
to see the link. The ride at its fastest point reaches up to speeds of 89km/h (55mph) (Colossus 45 mph) (Nemesis Inferno 47.8 mph) so I think you can imagine the speed now. The Info also tells us that more than 1,100 passengers board the cars every hour, same as Nemesis Inferno, so the queue line will move at a nice rate. To experience SAW you must be a minimum height of 1.4m tall. And the ride it is not recommended if you’re under 12 (sorry kids) At least all the age related speculation has gone, no more arguing on the Forums. It’s all looking very good.
Edit: popping in to Thorpe tomorrow to get you another update.

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