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07 March 2009

Construction update (one week to go)

Saturday 7th March 2009 – back to the park one last time for a construction update, as next visit will be opening day of the ride for the public. The site was very busy all day with worker and ride testing and polishing, getting ready for next week. More painting and signs around the place and extra themeing going on. The police car will hopefully be staying because of the siren sounds and flashing lights going on. The Colossus and Samurai queue lines have been extended. New paving is being laid from Samurai to SAW. (Spoiler) lots of sounds being played around the area such as the loud clangs, dog barking, police sirens, and “Billy” the evil puppet laughing just before you go up the lift. And much more sound you can just about hear on my videos.
See Pictures or Video, you can also click on an image to enlarge.

Next update from me will be on the main opening day this Saturday when this blog will be jam packed with news and maybe if you are lucky a POV (point of view).

ThemeUK - Pictures.
Thorpe Park Mania - Pictures.
Calum - Pictures 08/03/09

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