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31 March 2009

A few weeks in...

Saw - The Ride has been open for nearly a month and thousands have braved the ride by now. Advertising campaigns have been popping up on Radio and TV.
Click here to watch the full TV Advert. Also you can look on my favorites on my You Tube channel to watch many clips of SAW, related videos from the web. SAW has had a few problems running after its opening. Make sure you check the Rides Currently Unavailable list to make sure it’s not closed on the day your will be visiting. Some great news this week, the park have added a new Single Rider queue to the ride, so for people who visit the park alone (like me) or just want to skip the long queue just join the short SRQ line.

Treat yourself to some spectacular images from various sites:

Pictures from TPM.
Pictures from TPG.
Pictures from FW.
Pictures from TTP.

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