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09 March 2009

Thorpe’s new map, Competition finished, Construction update and more.

Today Thorpe Park released the new map for 2009 on their site and SAW looks good on it and definitely grabs your attention. The one of the first to Ride SAW competition is now ended so congratulations if you got the e-mail saying that you have won! Sadly I did not get one. Also today there’s three new pictures posted on the Thorpe Parks main site of random people I suppose, riding SAW. And on Thorpe Park Mania there’s an update of the site; Saw's head chopper blades were spinning , along with the police car's lights and the flickering entrance sign lights. I’ve been looking very closely at my pics from Saturday and if you look at this picture, it appears to be the onride photo camera, so prepare to say ‘cheese’ after going over the airtime hill. And another thing I spotted in this picture from around the queue line right at the back are bits of theming such as a wooden torcher device, what looks like a random police car door and some other various stuff. That’s pretty much it from today.
Hope you didn’t get too bored reading this.


Calum said...

Good spot of the onride camera!
U spelt torture wrong btw lol.

Jay said...

The 'Random People' in the official site photos are cast members, some of whom are Ex Fright Nights Actors.

Just a bit of interest!

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