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15 March 2009

SAW’S Opening Day!!

Sorry I have not been updating this blog recently as I have had trouble with the computer.
SAW – The Ride has not been running properly since it opened. On Thursday, for the coaster enthusiast event the ride was shut all day as something was wrong with the air gates. The next day, Friday, the ride was running fine all day for the annul pass and winners of the competition event. Saturday was the official opening day for the ride and the day I went. I have never seen so many people waiting at the park’s gate by 9:30 ready to sprint to the ride. When the park opened at 10 everybody ran to SAW.
I was one of the first in the queue line and after 20 long minutes of continuous testing the ride was officially open to the public.
And hey was I impressed!!! The themeing was amazing. I’ll try not to spoil it for you who have not been yet. But I can tell you there were gruesome torcher devices everywhere and lots of other scary stuff to make you feel like you’re a part of the game. Going inside the building you are greeted by blood splattered around the walls and two shotguns aiming towards you going off every so often. The guns scared me s**tless. Lots of sounds everywhere such as, Billy puppet laughing and talking on a TV screen and screams and loud clangs and various other scary stuff going on. Going up the stairs the fast trackers got mixed with the ordinary Q line in little groups and the staff warning you “don’t look up” as there were lot of dead bodied floating in the air. After that you enter the loading platform.
A good tip, two cars leave at the same time, and for safety reasons the second car has to stop for a bit before the ride continues. If you are in the second car you get a little pre show of Billy on his tricycle talking to you about what you are about to embark. Luckily I got on the front row of the second car.
The staff put their thumbs down instead of up when you get sent off. After the talk by Billy you move into complete darkness and then suddenly some blades come churning towards you.
Immediately the ride drops at an extreme angle and make you really jump out of your seat. Impressive for such a small drop. After a sharp corner to the left you go through a room, not really sure what was in it, looked like some axis trimming above your head with some gusts of strong wind blowing into your face (made my lips go dry). After that you head into the barrel roll with some sort of dead body spraying some warm blood into your face as you’re traveling upside-down. Then you go zooming outside the station building just realizing that the main ride hasn’t started yet. Then Billy appears again on another screen saying “over” followed by an evil laugh and other clangs sounds when you look straight up the 100 foot climb. It goes so fast, no time to think of what you are about to embark on. Going over the top you get a glimpse of the park before you plummet straight down the amazing 100 degree drop. The head chopper effect really worked for me and made me duck or not sure if it was just me braising through the 55 MPH speeds. Skipping through most of the amazing ride elements as you have got to experience it for yourself. The best part of the ride for me was surprisingly the first drop, thought it was a bit better than the main drop, but they were both very thrilling. I also loved the amount of airtime on the ride such as the main air time hill and the drop just before the dive loop going off the MCBR. That to me was a more intense weightless feeing than the main air time hill. Both drops had a nice pop of airtime. And the dive loop was a great ending to the ride. Pulled a lot of forces and made me stick in to my seat. When the ride comes to an end and you collect your belongings Billy appears again saying “ you think it’s over, the games have only just begun”(most people missed it as they were so excited from the ride and were dying to see what they looked like on the ride picture).

Afterwards I rushed to buy a fast track ticket to skip the long wait, then I noticed the ride wasn’t running and people were leaving the queue line. The staff told us that the ride had some technical difficulties on its computer system. People were anxiously waiting to hear news and half an hour later it was confirmed that SAW would not be running again that day. It was soo disappointing after such a build-up and as today was the official opening of SAW. I was lucky to get on it once. Unfortunately the ride is still having problems today (Sunday) and not sure when it will be back in operation. Just have to keep an eye on the rides currently unavailable list on Thorpe Park’s main site.

In my opinion SAW – The Ride was superbly outstanding and definitely worth the 3 year wait. This coaster is better than anything else at the park by miles. The themeing on SAW was phenomenal definitely reaches up to Universal & Disney standard. You got to ride it to see for yourself how amazing SAW – the ride really is. I did not get as many pictures as I had hoped as the ride closed.
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Aren't you going to upload your "Ride Video" what you said you was going to buy?

Freddy said...
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