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24 January 2009

Ride Testing

Saturday, 24th January 2009 - Thorpe Park Mania has some amazing first footage of Saw - The Ride testing.
Click Here To See The Video!!

The ride runs so smoothly and so fast, at least 50 mph. The noise sounds brilliant through the woods (well apart from that squeeking noise that they have to adjust) and the air time hill is just right as well as all the other elements, but I do think the last Inversion (Dive Loop) looks a bit too fast going over but when the MCBR (block brake's) get's adjusted they should be just the right speed for some bad ass hang time!! (Edid: The MCBR are now adjusted and the cars run much slower than in the testing video so you will definitely get some great hang time on the Dive Loop now :)

Many thanks to Thorpe Park Mania.


James A said...

Hey, I think this new video you have got up is mind-blowing! I totally loved it! Thank you Thorpe Park for this awesome video!

The squeaking should be fixed as soon as possible. I don't want there to be a dismay on the opening day of Saw the Ride.

I thought the use of the music with the video was some of the best work I have seen in a long time, the music came great suspense, especially with the chain lift they had! I thought they could have had some footage of the inside though, but thats just me! AWESOME VIDEO!

Calum said...

The squeaking is just bcoz its new and bcoz it was raining at the time of the video, nothing needs to be fixed.

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