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13 October 2008

Name & Website Released "SAW: The Ride"

Thorpe Park have announced via a Youtube video on their channel that the 2009 coaster codenamed ‘Dylan’ will be the world's first ever horror movie-themed rollercoaster. The ride is to be set to the theme of the ‘Saw’ horror movies and the park is boasting that the ride will be the scariest ride in the world. The ride will have its own dedicated website similar to the one which was run for Stealth’s construction.

The website, designed by, will contain a countdown timer which will confirm some peoples thoughts that the ride looks set to open on Friday 13th March 2009. The videos which have been released every 13th of the month for the past 4 months, look set to continue and will be available also on the dedicated website for the ride as well as the Youtube channel. There’s a ‘Blueprint for Torture’ section where there are some promotional images including a poster, edited plans of the ride with a few stats, and also a collection of fitting images such as a sawmill, torturing, blood and screaming people.
Let the games begin!!

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