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01 March 2009

Triple construction updates

Sunday 1st March 2009 – Triple updates from around the web today, my friend Calum who went to Thorpe Park today and took more than 50 pics and a video, also some pictures from Thorpe Park Mania. And a 3rd update from ThemeUK.
The site is really comming along. Well so much has happened just from a week ago with all the bins and fake CCTV cameras. Speakers have now been added around the site, trees have been planted, SAW's main billboard and other various signs have been put up, same with the fencing. The SAW store is fully painted and completed as well as the huge netting underneath the Immelmann loop to protect guests from falling objects and so much more for you to see (I think I spotted a plasma screen above you just before you enter the lift hill on one of the pics, maybe of Jigsaw saying something to you /now Confirmed)
Thorpe park mania's - Pictures.
ThemeUK - Pictures and Video.
Calum's - Pictures and Video. (You can also click on an image to enlarge)
Edit: Thorpe park guide - Pictures.

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